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Monday, August 4, 2014

dawg dazed

                              da dawg dayz of summer. . .                         
                           I tryin ta stay owt of da heet.                         

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring has sprung!

an da mama is at it wiff her camera agen.  heer, i am at eesther bunny trainin school, bowt ta git my diploma fur eesther bunny exellense. i figger dis a good disgise fur sneekin up on rabbits!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Muggin Monday

So, ok, dis i kin do. is eezy ta mug fur da camera. 
ma sez sit, i sits. tadah!
Dis wuz tookt Feb 4th, juss beefor da wethers turnd nise. But not da coldist day. i had juss comed in frum owtdadoor an wuz still warmin up, da heetin vent is up ovrrr my hed, so dis a place i lika sit fur da indadoors wether.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

R U Reddy fur BARKUS?

fur da Krewe uv Barkus, dat is.  yup, is dat time uv yeer agen, time fur Mardi Gras! 

Yes, pups n peeples, da Krewe of Barkus is a real Mardi Gras Krewe.  an fur wunse my letters arr not wobblin. dats how dey spellz it.  An dis yeer and dis day, Sun Feb 23, @ 2:00pm, da Barkus gang gonna bee windin deyseffs down Dumain, Chartres, n St. Peters streets.

an I'M reddy fur dem!  gots my float, gots my beads an gots da peeps wavin frum da street.

So wut da wut is a krewe uv barkus?  well, it isnt like yur udder Mardi Gras Pawraids. Dis one has gone to da dawgs. Man’s best fren is da center of dis pawraid thru de streets of da French Korter wif deir hoomans simplee as dair escorts!

Da Mystic Krewe uv Barkus wuz ferst kreated in Nov uv 1992 at a meetin of da Margaret Orr  Fan Club held at da Good Frens Bar.  Thomas Wood brawt his dog "Jo Jo McWood," but peeple complaind  (de NERV uv sum peeps!)  about da dog's nerrotik ways wile in da meetin. (obveusly a ruum full of CAT luverrs)  So, daddy Thomas desidid to make his Jo Jo McWood da Queen of her berry own pawrade and captain-for-life, as a way to show dem.  Dus, the Krewe uv Barkus was bornd!  Free barks fur daddy Thomas!   Yu kin sine up heer:
da Krewe uv Barkus

I'll put a link beelow so yu cen see sum past yeer Barkus pawrayds.  2011 is hardly worth lookin at, is all peepull, Whoa! hode da fone, exsep fur dat 1st pichur, who is dat extreemly good lookin dog in da 1st pichur? muss be a muvee starr. wow...  enyway, after dat, skip down ta 2011 dat whole thing is nuthin but pawraed dawgs.  good stuff!  mama sez looks ta her like dose dogs get it, an arr havin as much fun as da peeps.  I noh I havin fun.  

me in passed pawrayd.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Throh back Therrsday

my baby pichur, frum back in de oldden days.

me n mama bin werkin arr tails off in da yard, but i gettin a kwikee brake. 

moms tawlkin bowt givin me annuther fur cut, cuz on top uv heppin dig, an aptrollin, i bin heppin ta pik up leevs twoo, wiff my furs.  is kwite sumthin ta see. but mama seems to not approov.  so... i'll prolly appeer on heer wun day soon wiff a lot less furs.  well, not less den showd HEER, i didnt hardlee hav eny furs den.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Werdless Whens-day

iz a tuff job, but sumbuddy gots ta do it.
Pahtroll airyuh

Mama may like um, but...

I doan truss cats. Dey invades my yard, n dey sneeky.
Sum weeks ago i went owt in da mornin, an foun bird guts ALL OVRR my back deck! Well guess hoo did dat.  hint: it wuznt me!   uhuh.. no. dawg. it. wus. not.   i 'bowt loss my mind, got all 'cited an startid barking like a crazy dog. Wich brawt da mama owtdoors askin, "wut da madder?".   Yu bedder b'leev i showd her!   i wus jumpin aroun wile barkin an tryin ta poynt at it. Den da mom got all green lookin an she startid makin gaggin sowns, an i thawt, "oh deer..." but mom ran inside. Close call, dat wuz.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Got a littil hep frum my fren

Finley Rose's Mama ROCKS! 

i'm in!  i'm finahly in! 

i doan wanna bore da bejabbers owtta yu, so i not goin over it agenn , but gettin here, into dis blog, has bin a nitemare uv gynorrmuss hedd-akes. but den, lissen to dis, juss wen mom wuz abowt ta throw dis blog thing in da trash Finley's mama comed rushin in 2 da resque on her wite horse  an she dood it, she ressled dat bad blog to da groun an toll it to juss beehave.  her wuz da hero!  3 cheers fur Finley's Mom! 

I've still got ishues heer, if i wantid ta make a nu blog rite now, i can't. it still wont let me. i know! is so sad. dis blogger thing shur duznt like my mama's puter. her sez her nevrr sawd nuthin like it beeforr.  but at leest it lettin me do this. 

well, enyway...  

Finley's mama!