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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Got a littil hep frum my fren

Finley Rose's Mama ROCKS! 

i'm in!  i'm finahly in! 

i doan wanna bore da bejabbers owtta yu, so i not goin over it agenn , but gettin here, into dis blog, has bin a nitemare uv gynorrmuss hedd-akes. but den, lissen to dis, juss wen mom wuz abowt ta throw dis blog thing in da trash Finley's mama comed rushin in 2 da resque on her wite horse  an she dood it, she ressled dat bad blog to da groun an toll it to juss beehave.  her wuz da hero!  3 cheers fur Finley's Mom! 

I've still got ishues heer, if i wantid ta make a nu blog rite now, i can't. it still wont let me. i know! is so sad. dis blogger thing shur duznt like my mama's puter. her sez her nevrr sawd nuthin like it beeforr.  but at leest it lettin me do this. 

well, enyway...  

Finley's mama!


  1. YAAAAAAY fur Finwey's Momma an' Whitwey's Momma, tu! Dem kno' WOTZ 'bout bwoggin' an' 'bout all kindza stuff, tu!!! Dem WOCK!

    Also, my Dadda founded dat we needed tu use sumfing called Firefox an' it maded it much easier tu bwog an' add pichurs, tu!

  2. Hi, Zadie! Yeah, da Westie TX mamas R da reel deel.

    Firefox maded it all eezeerr fur yu? my mom's got Ff, an i caint say dat hepped on dis blog, sinse i hadda let Mrs Finley's mom open up da door heer ta let me in. allmoss pushed mom ovrrr da proverbally egde, ifya kno wut i meen.

  3. Yep, it took Safari to get Ko Min in here...don't know why.... but we's sure glad you're here, Ko Min.

  4. Replies
    1. tank yu, Whitley, an so nise ta see YU here! i doan kno how ya all do it, get so much done on line. i's so ovrrwellmd wiff figgerin owt all dis stuff. i muss be a rilly slow doer here, mebbe my pawz arr slow. an den mama pulls me away ta do da yard work. (her needs me, i hep a lot) deys juss not enuff howrs in da day.

  5. You're in!! And right off the bat your blog looks better than mine! Firefox let me in just fine. But my mommy's not too good at adding the fancy backgrounds and fonts and stuff. Or helping me add blogs!!