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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mama may like um, but...

I doan truss cats. Dey invades my yard, n dey sneeky.
Sum weeks ago i went owt in da mornin, an foun bird guts ALL OVRR my back deck! Well guess hoo did dat.  hint: it wuznt me!   uhuh.. no. dawg. it. wus. not.   i 'bowt loss my mind, got all 'cited an startid barking like a crazy dog. Wich brawt da mama owtdoors askin, "wut da madder?".   Yu bedder b'leev i showd her!   i wus jumpin aroun wile barkin an tryin ta poynt at it. Den da mom got all green lookin an she startid makin gaggin sowns, an i thawt, "oh deer..." but mom ran inside. Close call, dat wuz.


  1. BOL! Yur poor Mom!! I kno' yu wood neber kill nuffin, Ko Min. Kitties r kinda nutzo 'bout birdies. Sumtimes I fink dem can nod helb demselbes 'wound dem.

  2. Dat bideo r FUNNEE!!! BOLBOL! Fanks fur it, Ko Min!

  3. Yu so welcomd, Zadie boy, dat's da hole purpups uv it, ta maka my frenzs happy.

    But doan eben tawk ta me 'bowt dem killer katz.... dat dum cat hides inna bushiz an... well.. i'll blog 'bout it sumtime. HINT: iz NOT funny!

  4. I likes our kitties... dey counter-surfs fur us pups and knocks down treatz to eat... and once, Jez grabbed a babyback rib and brought it down to me to share with me... yum!

    1. And Travis just knocked down a bag of dog treats!

  5. You should feel honored that a cat left bird guts all over your porch. I used to leave bird heads on my human slaves' porch - it is an honor.


  6. ???? oh deer, wut hav i got mysef into...
    look, i nebber livd wiff a cat, OK a kitty, i think dats wut peeps hoo likes em callz em. so i dunno bowt dat, all tho i cuud use some hep from abuv wiff da treets, i'll admit twoo dat. but ya'll gotta unnerstan, deez R forrenn things to me. wut i kno, fur shur, iz dat dere is a cat whoo hide in da bushiz and skares da BEEJABBRRS owtta me, wen i go owt at nite ta do my bizzniss! iz not funny!!!