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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Throh back Therrsday

my baby pichur, frum back in de oldden days.

me n mama bin werkin arr tails off in da yard, but i gettin a kwikee brake. 

moms tawlkin bowt givin me annuther fur cut, cuz on top uv heppin dig, an aptrollin, i bin heppin ta pik up leevs twoo, wiff my furs.  is kwite sumthin ta see. but mama seems to not approov.  so... i'll prolly appeer on heer wun day soon wiff a lot less furs.  well, not less den showd HEER, i didnt hardlee hav eny furs den.


  1. OMD, you is so cute dere! But you is so cute everywheres!

  2. Whut a cute lil pup you wuz-- and is!!

  3. OMDOMDOMD O.M.D. *thud* Yu killded me wif yur cuteness, Ko Min